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Related article: Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 19:01:58 -0700 (PDT) From: B B Subject: After GraduationDisclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes of gay sex between that of consenting people. If you find this or harsh language offensive, are under the age of 18 (or 21, in some places) or it is illegal wherever you are to read this, stop now. Leave this site. This work of fiction is property of myself and may not be copied or used in any way without my express consent. All persons in this series are fictional and not real people living or dead.Finally, the day was here that I had waited for after 3 years of living hell. I could not wait to get my diploma and be done with that place. The only thing I did like about school was all the hot chicks that kept me on edge all the time. I was jetting right after graduation to go to one of my bud's lake house to celebrate.It seemed like the longest hour and half of my entire life but that was finally over when they finally handed me my high school diploma. I handed my diploma to my mom and found my buds. I was ready to get the hell out of there.I thought we were set to leave but my friends took there sweet time getting to the car. I guess they had to speak with their friends and family before we could jet. I was never so ready to leave while I just sat in my friend's old Jeep Wrangler and waited for them to get there. I had on some shorts and a t-shirt being that we would be meeting any chicks that night.I knew it would only take an hour to get to Hunter's place on the lake, so I guess waiting on them wasn't too bad. I was glad to see my friend Rick coming my way and get in the back seat with me for the trip up there. Rick was like me and so ready to go. Rick was the jock of the group and excelled at any sport he tried. He mostly just played basketball our senior year and was damn good at it. He had already changed into his shorts and some old t-shirt. He never was hip on wearing the latest thing going.Mark was next. He was the smart one in the group. We always wondered why he hung with us but we all had been Cp Lolita friends since the 5th grade. He also showed the most style of all of us, since he was decked out in his A & F shirt and Hollister shorts and flip flops. He always wore his brown hair in the latest style too since he had let his bangs grow down past his eyes. I don't know why the hell he liked it since he was always flipping his hair out of his eyes.Hunter finally made it to the Jeep. He was like me and Cp Lolita we both stayed in trouble. I was kind of surprised he actually got a diploma since he could have cared less about school. He threw the biggest parties around but seemed to have all the hot girls crawling all over him. He just had long blond hair that he said the girls loved. He liked hip clothes too and was decked out in all A& F stuff. I guess it was cool since I did wear that shit from time to time, if nothing else to impress the girls."Hunter, it's about time your ass made to the car." I said."Shut the fuck up, Corey. You are lucky I got us this place, plus too my ass is driving," Hunter shot back at me."Whew,I am glad that shit is over with." Rick said."Hell yeah, I am so ready to party my ass off. That took forever. That was just torture to sit there," I said. They all agreed that it was a long time to have to sit and listen to some boring speeches that no one cared about. Most of us had one thing on our mind: the party afterwards.Hunter started the Jeep and we headed out. He cranked up some Zeppelin and some Stones while we drove. He loved the old groups and actually got me into them too. I don't think Mark and Rick were too happy but they were used to it by now."Corey, you bring the shit, dude." Rick said who was seated next to me in the back."Oh yeah," I said and pulled out a freshly rolled joint."Fire that bitch up," Mark said. He didn't seem like the smoker but he did like a good smoke when it was available."Hell no dudes, it is bad enough that my ass has to fucking drive." Hunter said."Damn Hunter I got more." I said while firing up the joint. I had been waiting to hit this shit all night. I had to crack a window to let out the smoke from the joint. I took a big hit and passed to Rick who did the same before passing it to Mark. We were singing and smoking while we rolled to the cabin of Hunter's."Damn Hunter, stop somewhere and get us something to munch on dude." Rick said."Just suffer, bitches." Hunter shot back.Mark, Rick and I were laughing while each other told stories about our suck ass days in high school. Hunter hated it that we were all high and shit and he had to drive.We finally made to his lake house. I had been there a few times when Hunter and I had brought some girls up there. I was hoping it would be like last time when we both had a ton of sex, but knew that wasn't happening tonight. I liked the place since it was fairly secluded, which meant we could get loud and no one would say anything. We all carried our bags in. I was stuck with Mark in the double bed while the other room just had two single beds. None of us wanted to sleep in that double bed but Mark and I drew the short straw and were forced to sleep there or on the couch.When we got inside, I handed Hunter a joint and he lit it up. He was a regular stoner bud of mine since we started smoking weed when we were 16. We all were pretty fried when Rick brought out the vodka. We each took shots until that bottle was empty. We all were so drunk and high to boot. Hunter and I stepped out to grab a cigarette while Mark and Rick were now watching a hot porn that Hunter had brought with us for our enjoyment. The babes were smoking hot and there was tons of hot action. We hooted and hollered stuff at the TV while we were watching.Now this was a party. It didn't get any better than alcohol, weed and porn except for the fact we didn't have any girls. For some reason, all of us were between girlfriends or maybe we just wanted a free summer to get as much as we could before going out separate ways. I hated it if I went into a summer with a girlfriend and couldn't play the field that summer. I guess we were all that way especially Rick who was planning on going to college this fall. After the movie, I went and got a huge blunt to continue our wild night. That really set all of us flying and not caring what came out of our mouths. It was cool to have your 3 best friends there enjoying a good time together and I didn't want it to end soon.We were all bullshitting about school and some of our friends. We like a bunch of old women gossiping about who was fucking who. Then we started telling stories about our wildest sex.Hunter jumped right in. "The wildest sex I ever had been here when I got this hot bitch up here this winter alone. That bitch was so wild, dudes. Damn dudes, we fucked out on the patio and rammed her cute little ass with my cock," Hunter said."No, you didn't fuck her up the ass," Rick said with blood shot eyes."The fuck I didn't. She loved that shit," Hunter said. "You beat that Rick.""It wasn't wild but I fucked a girl on the beach last summer when I was in Florida. It wasn't too wild except for the fact she ate my nut," Rick said."You are right that wasn't wild," Hunter said. "Dude that is so fucking lame. Alright Corey you are next.""Alright. I had a fucking threesome last summer with 2 hot college girls. Dudes, it was so hot. They were fucking begging me for my big dick," I said since I was pretty much out of it, but it was true."He is lying out his ass." Rick said."Fuck you then bitch. Let me think of their names and you can ask them," I said but honestly didn't remember a one of their names."Mark, you are awfully quiet over there, dude. You spaced out?" Rick said."I don't guess I have done anything wild sexually," Mark said."Dude, I know your ass gets laid. We nailed some girls at your house this spring break," Hunter said. "Alright something weird then you done sexually.""Fuck I don't know." Mark said but he was about out of it. "I guess sucking a guy's dick.""What the fuck, dude?" Rick said. "That is fucking nasty and so fucking gay.""Dude I was so fucked up I really didn't know really what was going on." Mark said."Yeah right, Mark!" I said."Fuck you guys. You would've done it if some dude sucked on your dick." Mark said."The fuck I would," Hunter said. "Dude, you are fucking faggot.""Shut the fuck up, Hunter," Mark said and then he threw his shirt at Hunter.We agreed Mark won the prize. We continued to talk and have a good time. We ragged Mark's ass the rest of the night about sucking off some dude but he would never tell who it was. It was all in good fun since we were pretty much wasted but we were all pretty close friends. The time seemed to fly by telling stories and cussing like sailors that night after graduation.It was about 3 in the morning when I headed up with Mark and the others to hit the bed. I undressed down to my boxers and Mark did the same."Mark, I can't believe you sucked a dude's dick." I said."I can't either." Mark said."How did it taste?" I asked."I don't remember," Mark said. "All I know was that he nutted in my mouth.""Fuck dude. That is nasty," I said as I grimaced. "How was that shit?""Okay I guess.""Damn you must have liked it.""Fuck you, Corey." Mark said."You want to try again." I said. I pulled back the sheet to tempt him with my 7 inch cock with my boxers down at my knees. I grabbed and shook it at him."Fuck no. Just go to sleep." Mark said."Dude I won't say a word.""Hell no, Corey. I am not sucking your dick!""Ok Mark, I guess I will just sit here and jack off then." I said, playing with my cock. I was horny and desperately needed to get off. We all had jacked off around one Cp Lolita another and it was no big thing to any of us."Shit if you are, I am too." Mark said and pulled back the sheets. He had about a 6 inch cut cock, which I had seen a few time before when we had sex around each other. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Mark was staring at me jacking. I then took his hand and put it around my cock. He didn't seem to mind on bit and started pumping my hard cock."Mark, that feels good. Just suck it, please." I whispered."I don't know, Corey.""Dude, no one will ever know." I said. I then saw Mark lean over and Cp Lolita stick my cock in his mouth. I was not really messed up but he seemed to be a little more than I was. "Fuck yeah, Mark." I whispered. Damn his mouth felt so good on my cock. I watched this dude actually sucking my rock hard cock."You like this?" Mark whispered, coming up to take a breath from sucking me."Fuck yeah, dude. Keep sucking my dick." I said.Mark was now sucking me like a pro. It felt better than any girl and I swear he enjoyed it. I then started thrusting my hips and cock into his warm mouth."MMM" was all I heard while Mark kept sucking me. I then pushed him off my cock and I shot a huge load on my stomach."Dude that was fucking hot as hell." I said."You going to suck me?" Mark said."Fuck no, I am not a fucking fag like you." I said. I swore I heard Mark start to cry."I am not a fucking faggot." Mark said crying and sobbing but still was sporting some nice wood."Dammit Mark quit fucking crying. Shit you're just like a bitch." I reached down and started to touch his cock. I then started to jack him off. It wasn't so bad. It was not like I was sucking his cock. He seemed to like it and finally nutted on my hand. I wiped that shit on his chest."Are you happy now?" I asked Mark, hoping to make him feel a little better."Yeah, please not one word of this to anyone." Mark said."Dude, you know I am not like that." I said."That's what I am afraid of." Mark said. We both put on our boxers and went to sleep.The End.
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